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Author(s)  ?
Status Online
Launch date 2011
Genre Social network service, dating website
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FurryMate is an online furry social networking and online dating service.


Due to an unexpected level of interest during its initial launch, the site was forced to shut down in order to upgrade its servers. The site relaunched at the end of May 2011. A June 12 2011 news post stated "We have grown to almost 4000 members in under two weeks".[citation needed] A December 2011 news post stated "we already have 12,000 members".[citation needed]

FurryMate describes itself:

Founded in 2011 in Montreal, Canada, FurryMate.com is your premier Furry Dating and Relationship site. We work hard to bring you a safe, comfortable and fun environment to meet and interact. We are the only Furry Dating website that encourages real relationships to flourish.[1]

Services and fees[edit]

To effectively use FurryMate's features, users must subscribe to the service and pay a monthly membership fee.[citation needed] Non-paying users are severely limited in that they may send messages yet cannot read any received messages.[2]

the main page initial image design was by MushyMutt.

Mainstream media coverage[edit]


FurryMate has fallen under heavy scrutiny and backlash for its use of fake accounts bots[citation needed] to send messages to their members to entice them into upgrading to paid accounts.[clarify][citation needed]

These bots messages look legit,[citation needed] informing members that someone wants to speak to them,[citation needed] and that they should subscribe to the service to be able to read their messages.[3][4]


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