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FurryinternetLogoBig.pngFurryinter.net logo
Author(s) Owner: CatkinFox
Status Beta
Launch date March 2019
Genre Social media site

Furryinter.net is a social media site targeted towards furries. It has a focus on safe for work art sharing that also allows blogs, similar to Furaffinity's journals feature and a light forum for discussing conventions and the site in general.


Fifi reference sheet by BRACEDSHARK

Like most furry projects/sites, Furryinter.net has a mascot known as Fifi. The character was created by CatkinFox and is a border collie chosen due to the breed having come from the Scottish Borders.

Fifi's markings use the same colors as the websites logo, dark grey, and the distinct "GreenMint" seen also used in the website's theme. The character features the site's logo on their back without the site's initials displayed. Fifi's name simply comes from the repeated initials of the site's name (FI). The artist BRACEDSHARK created the first reference sheet for the mascot.

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