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#furrycoffeeshop is one of the largest channels in Anthrochat.


#furrycoffeeshop was founded by TempDog on January 23rd, 2005, as a relaxing place for furs to chat.

Channel rules[edit]

  1. Feel free to say and do what you like, but your freedom ends where the rights of others start. If others ask you to stop, it is your responsibility to do so without further provocation or "get backs".
  2. Do not act so as to disrupt the channel with your behavior. Examples include but are not limited to flaming, baiting, trolling, disregard for rules or requests made by channel staff, and/or overly asinine antics.
  3. No spreading of logs without permission from the parties involved regardless of your intentions. The only exception to this is when an operator/admin asks you for proof of a reported rule-breaking.
  4. No explicit sexual discussion or roleplay ("RP") within the channel. Please take all such content as well as other adult topics to #Fluff, the adult "sister-channel" to #Furrycoffeeshop.
  5. No harassment of other users within the channel for any reason. If you choose to cause problems with them in channel (or PM to attempt circumvention of this rule), you will be banned (operator discretion).
  6. Any incitation or encouragement of "drama" will treated as violation of channel behavior policy; those choosing to behave in this manner will be kicked and/or banned at operator discretion.
  7. Do not advertise or otherwise mention other channels, unless they are other channels owned by TempDog.

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