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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #furry_vore.

#furry_vore is a channel on the FurNet IRC chat network, focused on vore and related fetishes.

Channel policies[edit]

From the channel rules page:

Channel Rules: (as of 12/26/15, created by AustinWolfclaw and other Furry_Vore Operators)

1. This channel is a PG-13 Channel, meaning furs 13+ ARE ALLOWED here., Therefore, the following rules apply in a PG-13 room: No Sexually inappropriate behavior is allowed in the public channel, if you wish to indulge in this behavior in an RP we advise you to take it to private message (PM) No penile vore, unbirthing or breast vore. This is a vore FANTASY channel, not a vore fetish room.

2. Please respect all requests from Op's, they are here to keep the channel running and make sure our participants are happy. If you have any issues, please contact an op via PM.

3. Please keep off-topic chatting to a minimum or move to PM if someone is in an RP. We may ask you to move to PM if off-topic chat is interfering with an active RP.

4. If other channel participants have a problem with something you are doing, we may ask you to take it to PM. If this request is made, please respect it and move to pm or a private channel; we'll discuss the issue later if you wish.

5. If you are Temp-bannedfrom the channel , please do not try to evade it, because evading temporary bans will get you permanently banned, no Ifs, Ands, or Buts.

6. Try to keep RP's on-topic, at least to some degree.

7. If you have an issue with an OP, contact them via PM.

8. If you feel there should be a rule that should be added this list, feel free to let me or one of the ops know.

9. When in an RP, Out of character posts should be surrounded by parenteses ((like this)).

10. If you are an Op, do not de-op Channel Owner. Talk to Owner about the situation, 75% of the time it is usually a misunderstanding.

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