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Furry to Furry's logo as of 2013
Furry to Furry's old logo

Furry to Furry (also known as Furry2Furry or F2F, currently titled Furry Chat & Roleplayer's Haven) is an adult-oriented furry message board. The forum is split into several sections, including Guest Relations, The Tavern, and The Garden. Each section contains different themed sub-forums that range from talking about your everyday life to talking about your furry life. The forum also has separate role playing sections, so one can decide whether or not they want sexual or non sexual role play.

Because of the forum's adult nature, members are required to be 18 years of age or older to join.[1] They have a strict policy on the rule, and will ask for a photo ID if suspicion is raised. Postings about sex with minors or rape are not permitted.


Prior to the demise of furrytofurry.com, forum administrators were Mestopho, Amok (Darkenwolf/Rrruff), Kcoar and Clarice. The forum was created by Jangbu, but he has since moved on to other projects.

In March 2008, the site changed servers and became a joint-owned site, split between the five administrators. The site subsequently returned to private ownership. It still had links leading to Furrystyle, but had no real affiliation anymore. At the time, F2F was one of the largest furry forums, featuring a Social Groups section where users could join groups based on interests, such as Dragons of all kinds or Military Furs.

In late September 2013,[2] failure to pay the bills on the part of Amok (alleged by Ahmar Wolf) led to the loss of the site.[3] Several new sets of forums were set up in the wake of the site's demise, coalescing onto private hosting led by Cethlenn Miles, Tanara and Rukia Kuchiki after Proboards deleted one of the new F2F's forums.[4] However, Amok still owns the furrytofurry.com domain name as of October 2013.[5]


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