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Anti-furries flag (web-based origin, as of 2023).[1]

Anti-furries, also known as furry killers, are those individuals who hate furries, and a general dislike, for the furry fandom and furries, in part or as a whole, including all aspects of it (sociology, lifestyle, art, costume play, fursuiting, furry sexuality, etc), based on personal or group's opinions, facts (real "zoophiles" or hoaxes "litter boxes"), or just for trolling behavior.


Anti-furries are sometimes referred to as non-furs and/or mundanes, although the latter is more commonly used to refer to anyone who is not a member of the fandom.


Within the fandom[edit]

  • Previous members of the furry fandom who have become disgusted with furries (i.e.Burned Furs). They may consider themselves "anti-furry" while still continuing to produce and/or consume media relating to anthropomorphics, using fursonas or participating in conventions or MUCKs. Conversely, they may not only cease any interest or association with the fandom in the future but will actively deny any previous involvement.

Outside the fandom[edit]

  • Members that may have never had any association with the fandom, to begin with, and target its members for harassment for various reasons only known to themselves (peer pressure, personal hate, for lulz, Fursecution, etc...).
  • Members that are known to hate furries due to the various negative connections to disturbing sexual fetishes, as well as the stereotype of furries being depicted in mainstream media as socially inept, odd, with poor personal hygiene, and often delusional. Some also post imagery of intense, graphic violence, and abuse, mostly online.

Anti-furry groups or communities[edit]

Some online communities have a solid anti-furry slant, such as 4chan, Kiwi Farms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and Something Awful. Vivisector was an example of a site primarily catering to a general dislike of current furry fans and fandom, with some of its members being ex-furs.

The reasons given for their behavior run the gamut from true harassment to just getting a few people together to laugh at the reaction of most furries to provoking drama. Members often contend that such sites merely exhibit the true state of the furry community or at least a portion of it.

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