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A furry apologist, also known as a furry nihilist and furry fence-sitter, is a furry demeaning term coined by former furry artist Eric Blumrich for those dye-in-the-wool furs that, as he put forth:

Furry apologist
Sat by and let this all happen (*). A single word, a statement of principle, and a little courage was all that it took - but they found themselves incapable of mustering the will nor the backbone such an action required. They are truly the most craven, the most despicable of them all
Furry apologist

Initially directed to a small core of specific people in the fandom, he would, at the end of his involvement with the Burned Furs and furry, finally accuse the whole of it as direct perpetrators and accomplices of this ignominy. As a final irony, furry fan Xydexx confronted Blumrich in the old Burned Fur message board with a direct query of why he (Blumrich) himself didn't take a more direct role towards remedying this.

The reply was a short, non-family friendly phrase,[citation needed] and the last of the direct contacts of Eric with the fandom.

(*) By "Let this all happen," Blumrich was referring to the acts and actions of:

Furry apologist
Every collar-wearing, tail-strapped-to-the-ass degenerate who turned what was once a respectable corner of sci-fi fandom into a virtual singles bar for the sexually dysfunctional
Furry apologist


  • Furry apologist. Coined in mid/late 1998.
  • Furry nihilist and furry fence-sitter. Early 1999, first appearance on the BF's message board, and Blumrich's old web-page. Used on his J'Accuse! mini-manifesto.

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