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The Furry Wrestling Alliance's official logo

The Furry Wrestling Alliance (also known as the FWA) is a role-playing group similar to real-world wrestling and shootfighting promotions that has a primary focus on wrestling. It was formed in March 2005 by Tony Greyfox.

The FWA is set in a converted warehouse in Vancouver, Canada.


Formed in the wake of issues arising in other furry cyber-wrestling role-play groups, the FWA is designed to be an open and non-confrontational organization where players take part in matches of various kinds - mostly public, but occasionally with adult content - with a focus on entertainment, rather than competition. The intention is to build fun and entertaining storylines between characters, instead of confrontational issues that often get in the way of the fun value.

New members are asked to sign in at the mailing list on Yahoo! Groups, and submit a biography of their proposed character for moderators to evaluate; this is to ensure a high level of characterization and role-play abilities. Once approved, the players are provided access to the IRC channels and encouraged to join the activity there.

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