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Furry Within
Author(s) Founder: Kor
Administrator: Rain Brightstripe
Moderators: Fen, Luc, Stakie, Eridor
Launch date 12 October 2007 - 30 October 2009,
11 September 2010 - Present
Genre Forum
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Furry-Within is a developing adult furry community, featuring forums, a chat system, user galleries, competitions, and a page of links to other furry websites and artists. It was closed on October 30, 2009. Site re-opened to the public under old management on September 11, 2010.


Furry-Within was created in late 2007 by Kor, formally Azhtek Je-Nckos, with the intention of being a hangout for friends. In its initial configuration, the site used the Simple Machines forum software in addition to Flash Chat. It rapidly picked up traction as users on Yiffy.net, frustrated with the site's management at the time, began to trickle onto the site.

When Furgasmic closed its doors, Furry-Within saw a sudden influx of users to the site, soon reaching 600 active users in the space of a couple months. To accomodate the new users, the Flash Chat was abandoned, and AJAX Chat was installed in its place.

Two years after its launch, Kor handed reins of the site on to then-fellow administrator Thalassa, who instated the former administrators of Yiffy.net as staff on the site. Furry-Within was closed shortly after.

Less than a year after its closing, Kor re-established the site and began rebuilding the community.

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