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The Furry Vermin is a furry group created on Second Life in August 2005 by Taevin Marat in the spirit of good-will and fun. Although predominantly rodent-based, many different species call the Furry Vermin home.

Its membership exceeds 200 as of May 2007. The Vermin have holed themselves up in an island on the Amon Ereb Sim of Second Life.

Due to financial hardship and a failure of communication, the Furry Vermin disbanded from Amon Ereb. The group had disbanded, though many hang out at the recently formed club The Yiff Factory. The Vermin are attempting to establish another place for their club to reside and flourish, one making the Vermin Outpost, which is run by Maxfox and his mate.

The Furry Vermin Outpost is now known as the Furry Outpost, As opened by Maxfox and Shiinsuh

As of December 2009, Furry Vermin has officially reestablished a presence on SL, opening the Dragon's Roost on a mainland plot again, with Fenrix Murakami and Agent Strangelove as the managers.


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