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Furry University MUCK was a MUCK based on Warheart's story series of the same name, Furry University, where role-playing in a furry college setting was the main theme. It also had areas for other various Sun Raven Earth type furry settings.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: June 2004 - 2011


  • Firesong - Player Relations leodragon and general MUF wizard.
  • Lexington - Aqua-Marina and Power Ranger Relations Wizard. (AKA Chip.)
  • Murdoch - Transformation Scenario Wizard.
  • Snowpony - Server wizard.
  • Warheart - Character Creation warjoey and general rules manager. Also known as Lord Pouchlaw on the forum.

Theme Concept[edit]

Warheart created Furry University Muck in June of 2004. This was set in a furry Hollow Earth setting where both medieval and modern furries dwelt in a non-human harmony until the day that Lindsay Dunmore (a fictional human male) was asked to join their experimental college as the first human to be allowed on campus. role-playing was based on the students who lived on the campus and focused on their non-classroom adventures that they might have in and around campus. Certain events that occurred on the Muck have been featured in the story series, for the record. Also, other online furry college web strips were playable on this Muck, though interest was fleeting at the time of creation.