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Furry University is a series of furry college stories that takes place in Hollow Earth.

Theme Concept[edit]

Warheart created Furry University in May 2003. This was set in a furry Hollow Earth setting where both medieval and modern furries dwelt in a non-human harmony until the day that Lindsay Dunmore (a fictional human male) was asked to join their experimental college as the first human to be allowed on campus.

The story series was based on a selection of students who lived on the campus and focused on their non-classroom adventures that they might have had in and around campus itself. Other online furry college web strips (such as Leafdog's ClosetCoon have had their characters included in the series. Due to how my writing style has changed, this series is under a much needed re-write and ClosetCoon is to be removed from the story since their inclusion was through fan-interest only.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

  • FU-01 Furry University: Invited to attend an experimental institution of learning by Warneeri and Dean Kinsbert, join Lindsay Dunmore (a human teenager), Joey Huxley (a young were-kangaroo) and JeffKun's ClosetCoon characters in exciting and varied adventures in and around the Ravibren University campus in the Hollow Earth world.
  • FU-02 Football Season: Desperately wanting a new video gaming package, Lindsay Dunmore is tricked into joining the football team. Shaq nearly kills himself in an explosion and spends much of the season in the hospital. Rick begins dating Jade in an agreement with Dennis so that Jade could be on the football team. And Warneeri's pregnancy is enough to put everyone on edge. More friends to encounter and many surprises await our heroes.
    • FU-02b A Ravibren Christmas: a one-shot short story occurring at Christmas.
  • FU-03 Cupid's Powerplay: With the holiday season freshly out of our heroes' minds, Lindsay, Rudolph and Colin join a theatrical play that will premier on Valentine's Day. Shaq meets a new friend. Joey begins undergoing his were-kangaroo development stages. And Rick is still dating Jade. Why? And Huckleberry hatches a plot to alleviate Warneeri's child raising woes.
  • FU-04 Broken Spring: Spring Break has arrived and our heroes make their plans for their mini-vacations. But will all go as planned, or will there be surprises and unexpected twists to deal with along the way?
  • FU-05 Rough Diamonds: In the days before the funeral services for a college student, life at Ravibren is not all glittering gold. Dennis is likely to be prosecuted for furslaughter unless Franklin can prove Dennis' innocence of the accident. Meanwhile, Lindsay begins his assigned duty as the captain of the Ravibren Sun Ravens baseball team. Jade finds herself pregnant, but by who? As Shaq endlessly berates himself over causing Dennis' current condition, Kama begins dating a mysterious stranger.
  • FU-06 Senior Exchanges: Out with the old and in with the new. The upcoming senior graduations just around the corner, new faces and personalities come to Ravibren campus. Omar commissions the building of the new lycanthrope dome facility, a place for the moon-touched students on campus. Dennis and Shaq date, while Dennis strives to understand Okali's teachings. Jade's long lost brother arrives on campus where he opens a new restaurant. Lindsay gets sick on something, and his friends rush to discover the cause of his ailment.
  • FU-07 Ode to a Devilmouse: After being separated from Joey for the duration of Joey's were beast transition, Lindsay is feeling mighty alone and seeks out advice from Warneeri, who isn't home. Playing around with Warneeri's spell book results in something summoned that is more than Lindsay bargained for. A semi-wild ocelot student moves into Ycehart becoming more trouble than he is worth. Colin helps Coach Sethnic put together a college basketball team. And other new chaos erupts on campus.
  • More Forthcoming

Cast of Characters[edit]

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