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Furry Tales is a furry musical written by Pittsburgh playwrights Bill Medica and JD Carter. It was inspired by their experiences observing Anthrocon 2006 from a distance, and their subsequent "research" of the furry community, which initially did not actually involve attending any furry conventions. This musical is distinct from 2007's other furry musical, Yiff!, some of whose creative team are furries.

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The story, as described by the Pittsburgh City Paper, revolves primarily around "BlueWolf22", who is a troll operative of an Internet shock magazine site named "everythingawful.com". "everythingawful.com" charged him with infiltrating the fandom and entering a furry convention with the hopes of getting sordid details about the sexual deviancy that they believed permeated the fandom. BlueWolf22 ends up connecting with three more furs: "Gorillanator", "HuggyBunny" and "MisoKitty2". When he gets to the convention, however, BlueWolf22 discovers the truth about the furry fandom, and finds himself to be more among friends with his new furry friends.

First reading[edit]

The first staged reading occurred at the CLO Cabaret at 665 Penn Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh, at 10pm on July 5, 2007, coinciding with the first day of Anthrocon 2007. Medica and Carter planned the reading to coincide with Anthrocon 2007 with the hopes of getting feedback from actual furries, so they could improve the final product. They invited Uncle Kage, the director of Anthrocon, to attend personally, and he did, along with several other members of the Anthrocon board and (as rough estimate) around 100 of the furs in town for the convention.

Kage was not entirely impressed, saying at the Opening Ceremonies that "it was a good production, it was a nice story . . . but it was not quite our story." He elaborated later on the Funday PawPet Show, describing the plot as "a story of four pathetic losers who can't get laid. And at the end of it, they are still pathetic losers, but two of them managed to get laid ... They did have good intentions - they were trying very hard to portray us in a sensitive fashion, but - not really knowing us, they portrayed us in as sensitive a fashion as you could if all you knew about furries you had got from CSI"[1] " He invited the musical's creators to attend Anthrocon for themselves and consider revising their work afterwards.


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