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The Furry Sexual Preferences directory was a web-hosted kink database similar to The Rabbit Hole and F-list, allowing users to list sexual preferences under a username, for the purpose of roleplay. It was founded prior to May 2000.[1] Usage grew from 206 registered users as of June 22, 2000[1] to 2132 registered users as of Aug 27, 2002.[2] It appears to have closed by the end of March 2003, possibly due to hosting expenses; one-time donations were requested.[3] Hosting was provided by The Web Union.

The site allowed people to express the following positions on kinks:[4]

  • Huh?
  • No Strong Opinion
  • Like
  • Like a Lot
  • Oh God Please More
  • Dislike
  • Strongly Dislike
  • No


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