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Furry Ryver
FurryRyverLogo.pngFurry Ryver Logo
Subject Furry Fandom
Server furry.ryver.com
Operator(s) Lucid Dreamurr Cassini Brahe
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to November 2016 - present
Censor PG button.png
Censor NC17 button.png

Furry Ryver is a furry chat service. It uses the Ryver communication software. It is completely free to sign up and use. Furry Ryver totes itself as an IRC alternative and offers a lot of IRC-like features: persistent chat rooms (forums) organized by topic, as well as private groups (teams) and direct messaging. All content inside Furry Ryver is searchable, including files, conversations, and people.




  1. Furry Ryver Homepage Accessed November 15, 2016
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