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Furry Romania
Furry Romania

Author(s) Website staff:
  • Taoki (Founder)
  • Raito Wolf (New owner)
Status Active
Launch date March 5, 2008
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Furry Romania is a site about the furry community in Romania. It all started back in 2007 when Taoki from Romania was getting a little too curious in a subculture that at that time was mostly unknown in the country. That person asked on a well known forum about that one particular subculture, but people started to make fun of him because it seemed like nothing more than just a strange fetish. Forward to mid 2008, he starts opening accounts titled Furry Fandom Romania and registered an official web site for potential local fans of this subculture and it went silent until 2015 when the site was transferred to a person under the name Raito. In his own words: “I joined the fandom in 2015. Around 2008, someone made the first Romanian furry website. I don’t think it was very popular then, it was very unprofessionally done and the mere fact that it closed says a lot. When I joined the fandom in 2015, I wanted to meet Romanian furries, but it was very hard to find them, as they were scattered across several platforms. Before I joined the fandom, I was interested in anthropomorphic characters, but didn’t know what they were. One day a person dressed in fursuit appeared as a suggested friend and that’s when I found out. I have a fursona, a wolf named Raito. I made the costume myself, it took about a month.” In 2017 Raito registers a new website, makes a Facebook and a Discord group. Because of internal controversies, Raito made another server in 2018 with a person from the underground scene. Quickly those two changed the formula of Furry Romania. People’s reactions to those radical changes have been both positive and negative.

Furry Romania is a website for the Romanian furry community, containing an introduction to furry fandom and forums as well as a gallery.

  • Administrator: Taoki (Mircea Kitsune)
  • Founded: 5 March 2008
  • Currently: Raito Wolf

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