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FR logo as of 2020

The Furry Raiders is an American furry conservative social group.


Old Furry Raiders logo

The group was founded in 2007, beginning exclusively on Second Life,[1] with their official stated goal being to:

Furry Raiders
(H)elp improve the Furry Fandom by providing resources and services so everyone has equal opportunity".[2]
Furry Raiders

Fandom involvement[edit]

The group has organized several social events, including attending the St Patrick's Day Parade in Fort Collins,[3] and playing laser tag.[4]

Furry Raiders was one of several groups to block-book a cinema for a furry-centric screening of the movie Zootopia. Taking place on March 5, 2016,[5] at a branch[clarify] of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the event saw 107 attendees, including 17 or 18 fursuiters.[6]

Convention staff[edit]

On July 17, 2022, Furry Raiders announced staff help for the first iteration of the anthro convention, Free Fur All.[7]

Official group staff[edit]

The people involved in the running of the Furry Raiders are:

Past members[edit]

Non-staff members[edit]

(*) Retired.



The Furry Raiders and Nationalsozialismus' imagery
Official Furry Raiders armband (top, red) based on a design by the Die Deutsch Furmacht or Furzi armband on Second Life, which was based on the commonly used WWII NSPAD (or Nazi) armband design (bottom)
For more details on this topic, see Foxler Nightfire#Association with fascist imagery, Nazism, the alt-right, and the Furry Raiders.

Furry Raiders has drawn some criticism due to the similarity of their logo (often worn as armbands) to the swastika symbol of Nazi Germany.[9] The logo, as shown above, is a paw print, frequently used by furries to represent the fandom.

The group was banned from wearing the armbands at Foxtrot, a fursuit-friendly dance night at a Bar in Denver, Colorado.[10] One of the founders, Foxler Nightfire, is banned from attending Fox Trot for assaulting another attendee.[citation needed] Though Foxler claims said assault amounted to nothing more than bumping into someone on his way out the door.[citation needed]

At Biggest Little Fur Con 2017, attendees were asked not to wear the red armbands,[citation needed] but were allowed to wear armbands with the logo in different colors.[citation needed]

Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016[edit]

In April 2016, a controversy was generated when it became known that Furry Raiders had block-booked 25% of the hotel rooms available at the Crowne Plaza for Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016,[11][12][13] before the room block officially opened.[14]

After being contacted by RMFC staff, Furry Raiders declined to drop their reservations at the Crowne Plaza.[13] The convention staff subsequently announced:

Furry Raiders
We have exhausted all of the means that we have to officially try to get them to release the rooms, but we're sorry to say that neither the convention nor the hotel currently have policies in place to prevent this behavior, though we strongly disapprove of it.

We will be taking direct action to implement policies with the Marriott next year to prevent this obscenely unfair behavior.

Furry Raiders

On April 14, Furry Raiders announced that they had "released 25 rooms in total after discussion with @RMFC_Denver" and we're going to "accommodate our guests much more efficiently than before".[15]

On April 14 RMFC issued a correction to the previous state via Facebook & Google+.

Furry Raiders
From the desk of the Boss Cat (Sorin):

The Chairman would like to issue a correction to the statement posted on April 12th at 7:56 PM. In that statement, we inferred that the Furry Raiders had refused to release the rooms in their room block. This statement was not entirely accurate. At the time the Furry Raiders had stated that the rooms in the block had been given to Members and Friends and from that, we inferred that they were refusing to release any of the rooms they had reserved. Since this statement, the Furry Raiders have begun to cancel some of the unused rooms in their reservation and have stated that they will continue to do so for unused rooms. RMFC would like to apologize to the Furry Raiders for any confusion or antagonism this statement might have caused. Again, feedback on this and any other news is always welcome here. If you prefer your feedback private, please leave us a private message and we can send it thru the proper channels.

Furry Raiders

Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2017[edit]

Question mark.svg.png This section does not provide enough context for readers unfamiliar with the subject. (edit)
Main article: Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2017#Cancellation

As of April 12, 2017, RMFC 2017 was canceled, as reported by TV Channel 7 News in Denver. Alleged suggestions of why this happened included a tweet by a furry raider[who?] that a weapon would be brought to RMFC to deal with Deo Vacuus, who threatened to punch Nazis at the con.[citation needed]

This was reported to the hotel/police,[citation needed] which increased the security fee for the convention, well past operational budget.

Colorado Furries ban[edit]

In June 2017, members of the Raiders were asked to leave the Colorado Furries, a furry Telegram group, due to "community outcry as well as relatively recent events".[16][clarify]

Fur Affinity ban[edit]

On May 15, 2018, almost all of the Furry Raiders personal accounts on the online furry art site, Fur Affinity, were banned for presumed violations of the site's Code of Conduct, Section 2.7 ("Do not identify with or promote real hate or terrorist organizations and their ideologies").[17]

Milo Yiannopoulos[edit]

In 2019, the Furry Raiders worked to bring alt-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos to Midwest Furfest to disrupt the convention, with alt-right members[who?][citation needed] anticipated violence by the Proud Boys gang against furries at the con.[18]

Milo told FR administrator Jacob Kovar:[citation needed]

Furry Raiders
(Y)ou have to destroy the shit they love. You have to get MFF and all the other conferences closed down.[19]
Furry Raiders

The scheme failed when Milo was banned from the con.[20]


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