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The Furry Music Café is an annual music event held at Eurofurence and NordicFuzzCon.

The Event[edit]

The goal of the Furry Music Café is to allow musicians in the furry fandom to present their progress and works to an audience in a friendly, calm and non-competitive atmosphere. It is resembles an open microphone night, except that the coffee and cookies are free, and the music and musicians are furry.

The Café is hosted by Chama and assisted by the head waitress Alpha_Ki.

The Participants[edit]

Among the people who have performed their works at the Furry Music Café are Alexander James Adams, Chama, Jumpy, Jaryic, Eisfuchs, Heyblibber, Jari, Karuno, Lions_, Mark Treefox, Rajan, Taibu, Tambako, Timothy Albee, The C.L.A.

The Songs[edit]

List of songs that have premiered at the Furry Music Café:



(Written by Jumpy, performed by Chama)


(Written and performed by Karuno)

Little Gataro[edit]

(Written by Chama, performed by Jumpy, Rajan, Alec, Taibu, Eisfuchs and Chama)

Sterne Sammeln[edit]

(Written and performed by Calaphin)


(Written by Chama, performed by Rajan and Chama)

Forbidden Love[edit]

(Written by Chama, performed by Jumpy, Eisfuchs and Chama)

Metropolis in Morning[edit]

(Written by Chama, performed by Jumpy, Eisfuchs and Chama)


Still need entries


Still need entries


Through the Forest[edit]

Through the Forest is a two-part operetta-style classical and driving rock song from the upcoming musical Wolf Land. The version performed was specially written for the Furry Music Café, with special lyrics and introduction. (Written and performed by Chama)

The Summoning[edit]

Industrial song about transforming into a werewolf. (Written and performed by Machine Animal (Jari))


This is the work name for a ballad about the fate of a magical raven. The version performed was a very first sketch, finished minutes before the start of the event. (Written by Chama, performed by Chama, Jumpy, Azrael and Lions_)


Story of Old[edit]

A medieval-style ballad about a cat and his mistress. (Written and performed by Chama)

No Tomorrow[edit]

(Written by Jumpy, performed by Jumpy, Harrybunny, Azrael, Chama, Eisfuchs, Heather, Taibu and the C.L.A.)

Move with the Herd[edit]

Move with the Herd is short dramatic operetta about life and death, but where the hunter becomes the hunted. (Written by Chama, performed by Mark, Chama, Jumpy, Mooie, Mpepea and Faithry)

Dance of the Jaguar[edit]

A dance tune describing the fate of a traveller in the wild jungle of the Amazon. (Written by Tambako and Chama, performed by Tambako, Chama, Mark and Jumpy)


Be There[edit]

A dramatic ballad about the bittersweet love of an old scarred wolf. (Written by Chama, performed by Chama, Mark, Jaryic, Eisfuchs and Jumpy)

Night of the Cats[edit]

(Written by Mark, performed by Mark and Chama)


(Written and performed by Jumpy)


(Written and performed by Chama)


(Written by Tambako)

A Dream Untrue[edit]

A song from the perspective of a unicorn stallion yearning romantically for a unicorn mare. (Composed and performed by Chama, lyrics by Chibiabos)


One Cunning Little Vixen[edit]

A humorous a cappella trio in six parts based on Rudolf Těsnohlídek's novella "The Cunning Little Vixen". Though there is an opera by a similar name, this work is unrelated. (Written by Chama, performed by Chama, Mark and Jumpy)


The version performed was a fragment of Perfection, an unfinished song about a vixen, product and prisoner of a cruel scientific experiment. (Written and performed by Chama)


It's a tradition that Chama features at least one song at least partially written during the convention.

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