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Vegas or bust.

Furry Kama Sutra is a video project by photographer Michael Cogliantry. The project consists of three short video clips, each featuring various fursuited characters interviewed in the style of a slice-of-life documentary. The title alludes to the fact that each episode features a brief sex scene.

Released in Winter, 2006, Furry Kama Sutra was Cogliantry's first video project. It was shot in and around Las Vegas (including 10 hotels) over 4 days, and utilized some twenty fursuits (though most did not appear in the final clips).

Furry Kama Sutra received an Honorable Mention in the IPA 2006 Photographer of the Year Competition[1], and was released as a collectible fur-covered book[2]/dvd set.

In 2008, from May 2 to June 1, there is a Furry Kama Sutra art show at Nemo Design in Portland, Oregon, USA.[3] A furry attend the launch party and estimated there were 100 attendees.[4]

Episode list[edit]

  • Episode 1: A Warm Place. A married couple - a male Bear and a female rabbit - argue about their unemployed and underachieving son (a dog). They also consider what to put on their holiday card, and the invitation to their housewarming party.
  • Episode 2: Lucky In Las Vegas. A French-accented frog talks poetically about her travels across the world, and how she finally arrived in Las Vegas.
  • Episode 3: A Big Beak Every Week. Louis, an awkward, geeky penguin, has a slight problem. He's thirty-four, and still single. And a virgin. Giving it one last shot, he travels cross-country to Las Vegas to meet up with a seal girl he contacted through a singles' ad. Little does he know what she has in store for him...

A trailer for the series also exists, featuring the legend:

what if there was a place
where you could be anything
where love was all that mattered
welcome to the secret world of furry
this winter
witness the incredible true story

The trailer includes shots from the three episodes that were not used in the final cuts, as well as footage of the characters that were eventually dropped.


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