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This article is about series of UK events. For house con, see House party.
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The Furry Housecon was a series of meetups in Yateley, Surrey hosted in the house of Ian Curtis. It was initially organized as the "First British Furry Micro-Con" on 1-2 February 1992, when Curtis invited between 6-12 British fans to meet a group of six visiting Americans; the group eventually spent the weekend partying in Curtis' house. The American furries who attended were Kris Kreutzman, Edd Vick, Jim Groat, Dwight Decker, Monika Livingstone, Fred Patten and Jeff Ferris.[1]

The second meetup was held in the house of Jan Paxton, who invited all British fans to his house in Tonyrefail, South Wales on 5-7 June 1993. About 10 fans attended.

The third meetup in the country was held on 22-24 April 1994 at Curtis' house, where it was decided that this and the 1992 and 1993 meetups would be retronymized as the "Furry Housecon" (although some would also refer to it as the Yateley Housecon). It was also decided to hold the event on a quarterly basis thereon, mainly to coincide with conventions such as Confurence East[2] and EuroFurence.

Furry Housecon 4 was held on 8-10 July of the same year, coming into brief conflict of scheduling and interest with the same-time-scheduled UK Furcon in Essex.

Furry Housecon 8, also known as the "British Furry Convention" was held 1-4 September 1995 in order to draw American furs attending the 1995 World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow the previous week. Around twenty American and British fans partied at Curtis' house and the Americans were taken on a tour of London and Oxford.

According to Patten, the 13th Housecon was held 29 November-1 December, 1996 (with 16 British and two German citizens in attendance), and the event usually accrued 16 attendees on average. The most recent known mention of the Housecon's existence was in 2001 by Mayfurr[3] (artist Simon Barber was also cited as being in attendance).

Ian died in 2021. It is not known when the last meet was held.


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