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The Furry Federation is both a region on Nation States as well as a role-playing forum inspired by said region. The role playing aspect of the forum centers around many aspects of the nations run by furries, with some being representative of nations in the region of the Furry Federation on Nation States. However, since the forum's creation, some nations have opted to continue their Nation States nations and to continue only on the forum side of things.

The region on NationStates was originally founded by the nation of Shikeishuu who played Arctic Wolf as an alternative to the region of Furry which lacked an in game founder. This decision was seen as a good one as the lack of found left the previous region open to griefers and invaders. Having a founder allowed the new region to be a safe place for role playing activities. Arctic Wolf also set up the first offsite forum and was the primary administrator. Izixs, with his nation the Union of Tinis, was a moderator of the forum as well as the long time UN delegate in the NationStates region.

The plots of the Furry Federation forum usually center around international politics but same have included extensive personal stories. The genre of the Furry Federation ranges widly between science fiction and fantasy depending on the mode of the nation and specific timeline, but the universe is fairly open and occasionally differences in local genre are attributed by those outside the nation in question as alternative applications of the basic ideas of reality. This allows a great deal of flexibility.

As of 2011, the Furry Federation forums have migrated off of the original forums, and to new ones administrated by Izixs and hosted by the player behind the nation of Killer Zoids.

In 2013, the NationStates region was assault by in game raiders. As the founding nation of the Furry Federation, Shikeishuu, had long fallen inactive and been deactivate from play, the regional control was left to the World Assembly delegate. This power was seized by raiders and then reclaimed by the native delegate (The Union of Tinis) with the help of defender organizations and several former members of the region. Several polls were then made and the region decided to refound the region and allow the Union of Tinis to be the new founder. The new region is now titled The Furry Federation (as opposed to just Furry Federation).

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