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Main Furry Fashion logo.
The current Furry Fashion logo.

Furry Fashion is an active furry themed store and sim within Second Life, established May of 2007 by Amethyst Crystal. It is now located on the sim Furry and has expanded to include a club, furry avatar den, mall and sandbox, as well as managing seasonal events and a bi-yearly grid wide hunt. As of Jan 2020 it employs around thirty staff members and has a patron group membership of around 5,800 residents[1].


The original store was located on the Second Life mainland sims and was called “SilverAngel Creations”. It was changed to “Furry Fashion” in late 2007 and has kept the name since. It afterwards moved to a full private sim and began running a lounge and offering mall spaces to furry creators. It has since then moved several times and now resides on its current sim, named Furry.

Furry Fashion, on top of being a mall and hang out, also offers employment for residents interested in modeling Furry Fashion's clothing, DJing and hosting events, providing Security, and creating items to sell in the Furry Fashion store. Furry Fashion offers wages and training for all positions, except for creator, and offers staff free housing on the sim.

On May 5, 2017, Furry Fashion celebrated its tenth birthday[2].

On January 7, 2018, Furry Fashion changed from a Moderate (M) sim to an Adult (A) sim, however, it is not a typical Adult sim and adult activities are prohibited to rooms provided by the sim.

Sim Locations[edit]

These are the main areas of the sim. Most are subject to be moved except for the Avatar Den and Modder’s Market.

Main Store: Specializes in male and female clothing and accessories geared towards furries and residents with furry avatars although most products will fit body furry and human based bodies.

Lounge: Furry themed club featuring nightly events with a host and live DJ. Events are Monday-Friday 4PM-6PM SLT, Saturday-Sunday 4PM-6PM SLT and Saturday-Sunday 6PM-8PM SLT.Plus a additional event 8-10PM Saturday based in the more risque sim club, VICE.

Avatar Den and Modder’s Market: Permanently located at the center of the sim and contains one of the largest collections of new and old furry avatar vendors for residents to purchase. Modder’s Market is located above it for select modders to feature their avatar mods. Both are managed by Albright Smol-Bite™ (NihilisticLoupe).

Mall: Stores of various sizes and prim limits that furry-themed creators can rent. Limited stalls are available to new creators for free.

Sandbox: Area for unpacking objects, building or socializing. Build rights are patron group restricted and residents must join to be able to build in the sandbox.

Specialty Stores: Furry Fashion is also host to several mainstores for popular furry creators, such as Lab Rats, Trash Panda, DCM and Fortunas Creations to name a few.

Special Events[edit]

The Furry Fashion Lounge has nightly, DJ’d events with prizes for avatars who best fit the theme of the event. It is also host to several special events and treasure hunts throughout the year, such as avatar release parties and seasonal hunts, with participation sim-wide not only from the Furry Fashion main store but also vendors who have stores at Furry Fashion too. Yearly events for the sim’s birthday take place around May 7th and feature day-long events. Lounge themes are typically released weekly by Monday the week of events, and events are held Monday - Friday 4PM-6PM SLT and Saturday and Sunday 4PM-6PM SLT and 6PM-8PM SLT.

The sim is also host to the Quest Fur Cover hunt (QFC), which is a biannual grid-wide furry-themed hunt hosted by Furry Fashion, taking place in the spring and autumn. QFC runs for a month and showcases creators who make furry-based mods, clothes and accessories.


This is the current list of committee members[3]

  • Founder: Amethyst Crystal
  • Sim Manager: Fortunas Sands, NihilisticLoupe Resident
  • Lead Security: RickGuyy Resident, NihilisticLoupe Resident
  • Lounge Manager: l3l0ody0neucc Resident
  • Lead Model: Becky Doulton
  • Avatar Den Manager: Fortunas Sands
  • FF Main Store & Seasonal Hunts: Becky Doulton
  • Mall Manager: Amethyst Crystal, NihilisticLoupe Resident
  • Modder's Market: NihilisticLoupe Resident, Rappy™ (Nakirabi)


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