Furry Fantasies II

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Furry Fantasies II
FF2 cover.jpg
Artist Various
Format CD
Genre Various

Furry Fantasies II (official name Furry Fantasies: The Original Soundtrack) is the sequel to the original Furry Fantasies CD. The soundtrack was composed entirely by European furs. The CD was originally published by the now defunct company Cablecats.

As compared to the original Furry Fantasies CD, which was primarily short techno pieces heavy on the synthesizers, Furry Fantasies II includes a mix of different genres. For example, the first three songs mix together when playing, sounding like a classical symphony; "The Wolf In You" and "Always Around" are adult contemporary; "Furry Art" and "To Your Mind" are pure pop; "Morning In The Jungle" is organic techno (mixing in human gasps, animal cries, wind gusts, and rainstorms with physical instruments and synthesizers); "Dragon Fire" is a show tune; and "Soul In Chains" and "Industrial Prey" are varying degrees of metal.

  1. Immortal (Jumpy)
  2. Into The Battle (Cheetah)
  3. Degraded (Jumpy)
  4. The Wolf In You (Chama)
  5. Furry Art (Fairlight, Redlouts, Eisfuchs)
  6. Always Around (Redlouts, Eisfuchs)
  7. Home Again (Eisfuchs, Redlouts, Fairlight)
  8. To Someone Special (Shir Khan)
  9. Dragon Fire (Jumpy)
  10. To Your Mind (Redlouts, Fairlight, Eisfuchs, Jumpy, Cheetah)
  11. Ladyhawk (Sayh)
  12. When I Close My Eyes (Cheetah)
  13. Morning In The Jungle (Fairlight, Cheetah)
  14. I Want To Live (Cheetah)
  15. Soul In Chains (Soulstorm)
  16. Industrial Prey (Cheetah)

Furry Fantasies II has had significantly more success, both critical and commercial, than its predecessor.

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