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Furry Fansago is a social organization based in Kansas, USA which organizes furry conventions and other furry fandom events. Its motto is "Bringing the Fandom to You." The organization's goal is to make furry conventions accessible to all furries in the USA, not just those living in or near major cities, by expanding nationwide and moving events from state to state.[1]

[Information Below Was Changed By The Fansago Team On February 13th, 2023. Please Contact furryfansago.furcon@gmail.com If You Wish To Confirm The Following Information.]

Official FurryFansago Timeline;

  • FurryFansago was created in late 2019 when Vex gained inspiration from other conventions. Afraid to come out with the idea behind "FurryFansago" and bringing the conventions to the state of Kansas, Vex had closeted the organization.
  • In 2021, Vex expressed the idea to friends and family, those of which had mostly supported him, and some of whom became the first Board Members of FurryFansago.
  • In 2022, Vex appointed FurryFansago's first vice president and began creating FurryFansago's first website, which would not go live until December of 2022. Also in December of 2022, FurryFansago's logo was commissioned from a furry artist online, the process of which took over two weeks to complete. The Board officially voted to adopt it two days before the launch of the website.
  • Furry Fansago was first publicized in 2022 by KSN News after Vex had reached out to announce plans for the first Kansas Furcon. [2]
  • In 2023, FurryFansago gained its 6th Board Member and so far has over 100 known supporters across their social media platforms. However, in early February, they had announced plans to postpone the convention until 2024. This is due to the fact that the organization wants to host the best con they can, and to do so, they need more time to prepare. Next year, they plan to host a full FurCon featuring a Dealer's Den, Artist's Cove, Fursuit Games, activities, official FurryFansago Merchandise, and much more. However, until then, they also plan on hosting smaller "Fur Meets" throughout this year to bond with their followers. You can find out more information about these meets by joining their Discord, or by subscribing to their newsletter at https://furryfansagofurcon.wixsite.com/furryfansago/community.

Fansago Board:

  • "Vex" - Founder
  • Phantizzie
  • Daddy_satan_66666
  • Mama Cherish
  • Mrs. Moon

Events organized by Furry Fansago[edit]

  • Kansas Furcon
  • FurryFansago's Pre-Valentine Furry Meetup [3]
  • FurryFansago's Lucky Bowler's FurMeet [4]


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