Furry Fandom, plushophilia and sex

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Furry Fandom, plushophilia and sex is a story in Student Life, a student-run newspaper for Washington University in St. Louis. It was written by the paper's sex columnist, Lucy Moore and published on 31 January 2008.

The piece starts by mentioning several wikis, leading up to the introduction of WikiFur. It goes into a short discussion of some of the stereotypes surrounding furry fandom and how some have been promoted by mass media such as Vanity Fair and Entourage, followed by the definitions of the community itself, including a short quotation from alt.fan.furry.

The article briefly notes the diversity of furry interests, along with a discussion of furry LiveJournal communities, including those based on religion and location. It goes on to explore the realms of furry lifestyle, pornography and the habit of some furry fans to actively dissociate themselves from those who are not furs, including a personal story from a student at the university.

There is a short explanation of how some go about choosing a fursona, followed by a mention of the diaper-loving portion of the babyfur community which makes the assumption that such furs also wear fursuits.

At the end, the story conflates plushophilia with a general attraction towards anthropomorphic animals, while equating the attraction of furry characters with having a crush on a movie star.

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