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FurryChile is a small community of chilean furries, intended as a place to talk about the fandom, organize meetings in Chile, and other furry related activities. It is lead by an administration team who are Kimba/Quamer, Sanae Icenblas, Sdogo WildDog and Wan.

The website started as a forum powered by Invision Power Board, but since January 28 it moved to Joomla becaming a community. On its last reincarnation it went back to Invision.

The current version is mainly a forum where members talk about a variety of topics, involving or not involving furry. It has also a picture gallery where members can upload photos and artwork. Recently the website included a shoutbox and it is planned to have an oekaki or drawboard.

In March 21, 2006, FurryChile's website went down because of a hardware change. In August 2008 a provisional forum called FC Beta went up, hosted on the Furry Chile (aguila) server and lead by some of it's former staff members on the furry.cl address.

Staff 2008[edit]

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Staff 2009[edit]

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Staff 2010[edit]

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