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Furry Beach Club, also known by its shorthand, FBC is a SIM based adult furry browser based game featuring a free-roaming environment and animated adult sex scenes.


- A 2D free-roaming environment;

- Interactable characters and dialogue;

- Richly animated adult scenes;


The game is free to play offering multiple free and paid characters to interact with. New paid characters show up every month, but free characters are not bound to a release schedule.[1]


  • character name: species (location)
  • Eshal Weber: dragon (Main Entrance)
  • Taj Subban: hyena (Casino)
  • David Romano dog (Casino)
  • Shinji Mekari crow (Casino)
  • Wynona Vickers coyote (Casino)
  • Tracey West koala (Lounge)
  • Alex Rautier [plz help idk and I'm tired of guessing] (Lounge)
  • Lamai Srisuk dhole (Fountain Plaza)
  • Melanie Wilkes: badger (Beach South)
  • Alisha Breeze: dragon (Beach South)
  • Kamaria Ekua: hyena (Beach South)
  • Hiro Minatoro: seahorse? (South Beach Shallows)
  • Carla Santiago: red fox (Gardens South)
  • Neill Timber: wolf (Gardens South)
  • Gail Duff: bird (Deep Gardens)
  • Katrina Monroe: otter (Spa Hut)
  • Leon Chara: rhino (Spa Hut)
  • Sheila Clements: horse (Beach North)
  • Fifer Weiss: lizard (Beach North)
  • Jana Sidhu: bird (Lower Pier)
  • Mira Star: cat (Lower Pier)
  • Becka Lawson: dog (Boat Dock)
  • Kyle Carerra: iguana (North Pier)
  • Kelly Baker: horse (North Pier)
  • Abby Turner: rabbit (Atlantis Club Main Floor)
  • Kim Fisher: husky (Atlantis Club Main Floor)
  • Hal Greaves: lemur (Atlantis Club Bar)
  • Mitchell Wilshire: ocelot (Atlantis Club Bar)
  • Twyla Moon: bat (Atlantis Club Stage)

Other characters[edit]

  • Camillo Estevez dog (Lounge)
  • Samuel Harris: wolf (Fountain Plaza)


The Map provides a quick travel option to access attached locations, however to switch between maps the Player needs to navigate between The Gardens South and Fountain Plaza or between The Beach South and The Beach North.

The Resort Grounds South[edit]

- The Main Entrance (Player start point)

- The Reception

- The Corridor

- The Casino

- The Lounge

- The Fountain Plaza

- The Beach South

The Resort Grounds North[edit]

- The Gardens South

- The Gardens North

- The Deep Gardens

- The North Beach

- The Spa Hut

- The Lower Pier

- The Boat Dock

- The North Pier

- The Atlantis Club Main Floor

- The Atlantis Club Bar

- The Atlantis Club Stage


  • Dicks
  • Backstage Pass (no longer obtainable, gave access to an exclusive scene for Twyla Moon)
  • Bach's Third (Key Item for Twyla Moon)
  • Headdress (Key Item for Katrina Monroe)
  • Drink (Key Item for Kim Fisher)
  • Whiskey (Key item)
  • Beach Umbrella (Key item for Melanie Wilkes)
  • Pearl (Key item for Hiro)


Furry Beach Club is web-based, which means it runs on most HTML5 supported web browsers including modern phones and tablets however with some issues on the Samsung Stock Browser on Android devices and iPhone devices. Users can bypass these issues by using the Android Chrome Browser from the App Store.

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