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Furry Beach was a fake furry convention that was claimed to be taking place July 24-28, 2011 in Oceanside, California, U.S.A. A website for the alleged convention was created on Weebly on or before June 26, 2011. The site included a registration page and an e-mail address where registration fees could be submitted via PayPal, thus qualifying the fake convention as not merely a hoax but a scam.

It was briefly listed on the Wikipedia article List of furry conventions after being added by a user by the name of Thelpsgirl, but was reverted within hours due to a lack of credible evidence that it was a real convention. Thelpsgirl later posted a video to YouTube to promote the convention, as well as promoting it via her deviantART account under the name FKandFriend.

There were numerous clues on the website that the convention was likely a fake. It presumed everyone in attendance would wear a fursuit and stated loaner suits would be available to attendees who didn't have their own. The photographs used on the site (which also appeared in the aforementioned YouTube video), that were claimed to be from the event the two previous years, were readily identified as having been taken at other conventions. The hotel listed as the venue was a small timeshare resort that knew nothing about Furry Beach other than the phone inquiries they had received about it. In spite of all this, a handful of people apparently paid registration fees, and at least one person traveled to the location in an effort to attend.

Thelpsgirl later claimed that she was trying to help promote the convention after a friend told her about it. Observers doubt her story for multiple reasons, including that she made (and later deleted) posts to her deviantART and YouTube accounts claiming she was at the convention.

Furry musical comedy act Drama Armada recorded a song about the Furry Beach incident entitled "It's Not There", a parody of "She's Not There" by The Zombies.

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