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Furry Bandicoot Also know as Jessica Craig or Bandicoot is a fursuit maker and artist in the furry community.


She is was born in 1984 and was in a since a furry from birth. At the age of 4, the day before she was to have photos taken with Santa, she found a red permeate marker and covered her self from head to toe in red spots. She colored her nails and toe nails red, drew a cat like nose over her own and completed the look with whiskers drawn on her cheeks. When questioned by her mother about what she had done...

"Well she normally would say "I don't know." but for the first time she looked me dead in the face and said "I want to show Santa that I want to be a cheetah for Christmas" Her mother then went on to say "I knew then that my little girl was different. It was a choir to keep her looking normal. When her stuffed animals started coming up with missing ears and tails and the missing parts would show up glued to her cloths and hats I though something was wrong. She insisted on hiding the cloths she "altered" in her backpack to change into them at school. When she was teen she was picked on relentlessly by other kids for her (as I know now) Anthro art and her home made animal themed hats she would wear." As quoted from her mother Norma "Rusty" Navarre.

Do to many major life changes, Jessica had a hard time coping with life. At the age of 11 her mother joined the military and divorced her father. The move to Alaska was the straw the broke the per verbal Camels back for her. She loved the idea of living in Alaska but the changes were to much for her and she broke. At the age of 12 she was fully addicted to drugs and an alcoholic. School was not easy for her due to the teachers and other students picking on her. At the age of 13 she was raped and by the age of 14 she tried to take her own life. She was removed from school and placed into the hospital for rehabilitation and psycho therapy. Clean from the drugs and alcohol, 1 month before her 16th birthday she graduated from high school through a private educational program with the highest scores seen in 15 years for the program. She now resides in Tombstone, AZ and not only makes fursiuts and art but rehabilitates wounded, and unwanted Reptiles and Invertebrates. She currently works with Rattlesnakes of the southwest and Scorpions and Spiders of the world.

The Bandicoot[edit]

Bandicoot is Jessica's Fursona but Bandicoot wasn't dreamed up, she was born. She started out as a cute little pure breed Siberian Husky puppy found in a dumpster in San Diego, CA with her deceased litter mates in 1993. She was Jessica's other half, and was the one who helped her during her rehabilitation.

In 2008 Jessica knew that Bandit was starting to feel her age and that was when she started the work on the mask for her fursuit, Bandicoot. "I didn't think much of it really I just wanted to have her likeness with me for ever." It wasn't until Dec. 2009 that Jessica realized how much of an impact Bandit made on her life and her soul.

"it was about 9:30 pm. She was outside smoking a cigarette and working on some "hand paws" (as she called them) when I heard her cry out. I thought she got bit by something by the way she sounded and the way I found her. She was doubled over sobbing uncontrollably. I asked her what happened and all she said was "SHES DEAD!! MY BABY IS DEAD!!" I though she had lost it, we had no kids, so I was thinking she was going nuts or something." As quoted from Ex Husband Peter.

Bandit didn't live with Jessica and her Ex due to Bandit's physical condition and lack of space of there home in Tombstone. She lived with Jessica's Grandmother in Sonoita, roughly 45 miles away. Jessica's mother and Grandmother left for a week long trip to visit an ailing relative in San Diego and was left in the care of a family friend. "I was working on the paws for the costume when I felt like a part of me was torn away. Bandit flashed in my mind, and then she was gone. I felt her leave, she was really a part of me and she took that part when she died. I got the call the next morning from my mother. The friend who was looking after Bandit found her that morning curled up on her bed and was cold and stiff. He said that she must have died some time in the night." From that moment on Jessica Adopted Bandicoot as her Fursona. She had no clue that there was a Fandom, what a furry was or that she wasn't truly nuts for making a costume of her beloved pet, and taking on her "personality" when in costume. She was just trying to keep her memory alive, and show others this was who she was, a part of her, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer any more.

The Bandicoot was born.

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