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The Furry Artist InFURmation Page is a resource page of information about furry artists, submitted by the artists themselves. It includes names and aliases, e-mail addresses, attitude towards re-posting, and signatures.

The website and its database are maintained by StarChaser.

Site resources[edit]

The site's goal is to serve as a listing service for artists to quickly identify each artist with their names, alts, websites, e-mail addresses and scans of their artistic signatures and their preferences Do Not Redistribute preferences (including publicly allowing free redistributions). StarChaser's given reason for the website and list are given on a page linked to from Lance Rund's entry, in which Lance states he stopped doing furry art "due to repeated violations of my wishes regarding my art, and continued harassment by individuals who cannot take 'no' for an answer". StarChaser then said "this is the reason for" the website, to help the furry fandom "not lose any more artists."[1]

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"Why Lance Rund is no longer a furry artist."

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