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FurryWurry (fw for short) is furry writer. His fursona is a white tiger.


FurryWurry is a greymuzzle furry. He was first involved in the furry fandom during the peak of popularity of alt.lifestyle.furry, during the latter half of the 1990s. He joined Fur Affinity in February, 2006, but didn't start actively contributing until later.

Initially, he just made comments and interacted with a small number of friends. In October, 2008, however, he decided to resume the writing and publishing of his furry fantasy stories. Previous versions of his stories had been posted in the late 90's to a limited-circulation mailing list (now defunct). The new ones are appearing on Fur Affinity.

FurryWurry's original stories contained a significant amount of explicit anthropomorphic erotica. The newly revised versions are not explicit, or at least not yet, although some sexuality is implied. As of late October, 2008, the episodes which have been posted are chapters in an ongoing storyline. They all are being tagged as Adult in order to leave that option available for future chapters.

fw's other interests include astronomy, 3D graphics, science fiction, computers and hifi audio. His guilty pleasures include LOLcats.

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