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FurrySpace is an outer-space-themed area of FurryMUCK that was once a popular location for science fiction-based roleplay.

The FurryMUCK Years (Prior to 2000)[edit]

FurrySpace began as a collection of disparate rooms simulating space. Slipstream connected his area with the others to create a unified space area, and built some of the early space areas including the original MOS Ottersley Spaceport and StarSide Station. Growth was slow until a taxi stop was added to the spaceport, after which its popularity exploded.

Eventually, FurrySpace became the largest themed roleplay area of FurryMUCK. It was made up of hundred of rooms simulating space, many planets, and ships. It developed a loyal and insular following among players, many of whom existed on FurryMUCK solely to play in FurrySpace. Many programs that were specifically written for FurrySpace, such as ship propulsion systems and communications systems.

Notable Factions and Areas[edit]

FurrySpaceMUCK / Stellar Convergence (2000 - 2005)[edit]

As FurrySpace grew, so did its demands on FurryMUCK. Several times in the late 1990s, action in FurrySpace lagged the entire MUCK down to the point where minutes would elapse between messages. This, combined with the desire for many things that could only be provided by a separate MUCK (such as a functional economic system, skills and traits, and more realistic combat) lead to the creation of FurrySpaceMUCK. Over the course of 2000 and 2001, the game was mostly transferred from FurryMUCK to the new MUCK. Several years later, this new MUCK was renamed Stellar Convergence (SC or SCM).

Stellar Convergence ran until late 2005 when, facing a dwindling player base and without a fresh stream of new players to replace those that left the game, the decision was made to shut down. Stellar Convergence went offline on December 28th, 2005.

Attempts at Rebooting FurrySpace[edit]

Following the exodus of players to Stellar Convengence, FurrySpace continued to exist in various states of repair with a small number of players who decided to remain. Since many of the players in FurrySpace played exclusively there and generally didn't involve themselves in the rest of FurryMUCK, many simply quit connecting after the transition. As a result many areas of FurrySpace have disappeared when their owner players were idle purged. The April 2006 idle purge was especially damaging, and wiped out many old space areas including Dreamstar Station.

Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to "reboot" FurrySpace, either in its original form or in a newer, enhanced form. After Stellar Convergence's closure, there were efforts made to revive the area with new, better connected areas, new, better maintained programs, and better maintained starting guides. A brief rebirth in May of 2007, known as NeoSpace, or just 'space', attempted to have a standardized background history and established technological levels. While this attempt did produce a new grid of space areas, it did not produce the hoped-for rebirth of FurrySpace.

The most recent attempt appears to have begun in May of 2013, and is emphasizing the simplicity of the original FurrySpace. Space has been made public again, the "grid" has been replaced by a roomful of exits, and a new Mos Ottersley Spaceport has been built, which can be reached via FurryMUCK's teleport ("tport") command, i.e. 't space'.

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