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FurryPrints.com was a web-based printing service catering to the furry fandom, primarily to artists looking for an alternative to traditional printing services, until they closed business in November 2006. Their motto was "Putting Paws to Paper".


The website was set up to allow artists to upload their artwork to the site, and in turn have the artwork printed in a multitude of page sizes, from 4x6 prints to 13x19 posters. Once the upload was complete, the user confirmed the artwork was uploaded properly and then proceeded to checkout to pay.


The site was created by a group of artists and editors who came together in the summer of 2004 to create a furry-exclusive printer. After several months of fund raising and business planning, FurryPrints.com was opened for business in late 2005.


The staff right before the business of FurryPrints.com closed included Tom Fischbach (the creator and artist of TwoKinds), Jeff Edwards, and Jessica Roberts.

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