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Furry News Network
Furry News Network

Author(s) Webmaster: Markos
Status Ongoing
Launch date 7 January 2011
End date 1 April 2015
Genre News

The Furry News Network (FNN) was a collaborative news blog edited primarily by Badwolf. The site included profiles of artists, conventions and furmeets, plus a collection of YouTube links to furry media coverage. As of mid-2011, around half of its content was syndicated from Flayrah, furryne.ws, and various podcasts. The site also hosted Grubbs Grizzly's "Ask Papabear" advice column from January-May 2012.

The site was very active in 2011, with over 770 stories posted including significant original content. However, activity decreased at the end of the year; as of mid-May 2012, no stories had been posted for a month. Reposting of feeds subsequently resumed; Kijani's bi-monthly fursuiter interviews continued until May 2013.

The website suffered a hack at the end of March 2015, and its closure was announced on April 1, 2015, with Markos citing health issues.[2]

Circa 2018 July, FNN website says:

Furry News Network
We're not gone...

Furry News Network (FNN) shuttered it’s website in 2015. We are considering a relaunch, but need community support. ...

If you would like to see us back in business, offering news, reviews and stories of interest to the Furry Fandom, please let us know.

Furry News Network


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