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Eric Djingarey (born October 2, 1983), also known as Monsieur Raton is a Graphic Designer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Because he used to create furry character, a part of Eric Djingarey's work can be found on FurAffinity or SktechFab


Monsieur Raton's fursona, a young raccoon called Anko is a 3D designed character.

Video game design[edit]

Eric worked on the process of creating a video game based on the concept and idea of Nintendo 64's Bomberman64, titled Chibis Bomba, currently the game developpment has been stopped since 2012. Éric is working on a new version of the game. But there is no pictures on internet yet.

By the way beta version of the game is available on the Chibis Bomba official web site.

Actually Éric is working as an indie graphic designer with indie game developper to make games like SokoRaccoon[1]Tetra's Escape[2] and soon Taqoban [3].


  1. SokoRaccoon
  2. Tetra's Escape
  3. Taqoban

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