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FurryCon was a Swedish convention held 18-20 September 2009 in Karlstad. The event was held in a social/meeting area next to a cafe, with a shared dormitory in a nearby gymnasium.

110 attended the 2009 event, including a few dealers, about 30 staff, and two fursuiters (kirrow, as Tobi, and Wolfer). The convention was successful, but did not reoccur in 2010.


The convention was arranged by a number of furries from the area, organized as Spots and Stripes (SAS). Ringo and Kirrow were originally co-chairs, but due to disagreements between the two and between Ringo and members of Swedish furry forum SveaFur, Kirrow later became sole chair. The secretary is Niklas P., and the treasurer is Andrew (Kit).

In its first year, the convention ran a surplus of 4000 SEK, 10% of which was contributed to its charity.[1] Prices were 150 SEK with dormitory access, 100 SEK without, or 50 SEK for a one-day ticket.


FurryCon's programme included fursuit bowling, a café, a combined dealer's room/video game area, a drawing area, movie screenings and an ear and tail construction workshop. mickel also offered to run a role-playing campaign,[2] and several games were on offer through a "loan" system. Party and group games such as Mafia were also popular. Most events occurred on Friday night and Saturday.

The event's rules state that no drugs - including alcohol - are allowed at the convention. Adult material was also restricted.


The convention collected money for Djurskyddet Karlstad (Karlstad Animal Welfare), a local shelter. At least 1181 SEK (~US$170) was collected, in part through a charity raffle, and two dealers donated 10% of their proceeds from the event.[1]


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