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Furry 4 Life
Furry 4 Life.jpg
"A network for people who identify as furries and live the lifestyle"
Author(s) Owners: Shy Matsi Lupine
Status Main site down without current backups
Launch date August 2008–Sept. 25th 2015
Relaunch: Early 2016 (beta stage)
End date January 2024
Genre Social network service
Web G

Furry 4 Life, also known as F4L, was a furry-themed G-rated social networking site created by Shy Matsi Lupine, aimed at furry lifestylers. Furry 4 Life had a sister site, Furries Xtreme, that was adult-rated.


The site was shut down in September 2015 but restarted in 2018, only to be lost in January 2024 due to the death of Shy's hosting provider; the chat sever was shut down and replaced by Discord, Telegram and VRchat.[1]

Shy started the site in August of 2008. Furry 4 Life was built using Ning, a service that allows one to create their own social networking site.Huskydoge/snowy is a donater to the furry4life and updates this wiki. As of January 6th, 2018:

  • 7,121 Member Accounts
  • 133 Member created Groups
  • 14,873 Photos
  • 143 Videos
  • 1,000 Songs and other sound files
  • 120,560 Forum Topics
  • 500 Events
  • 100,000 Blogs

In 2016 the Furry4Life website was revamped and brought back online to the public in the beginning of February. The new website now running on the Dolphin framework is hosted on a server, as opposed to the previous years being provided by Ning. Due to complications with information transfer the Member Accounts, Groups, Photo, Videos, Songs, Forums, Events, and Blogs were all lost in the transition leading to a new start for F4L. All members who had previously had accounts with F4L must now create a new account to join the website. As of April 18, 2016 however the site is back online as of 2018:

  • 890 Members
  • 44 Groups
  • 2897 Photos
  • 39 Videos
  • 2 Polls
  • 23 Blog Post
  • 73 Forum Posts

In the transition a lot more was lost including a large amount of key features making F4L what it was. Live Chat took a dramatic hit and was hosted on Telegram and still is. In April 2016 Furry4Life published a new Live Chat feature with a large amount of capabilities that previous chat systems did not have. As of now this is the official chat room for F4L.

Features and services[edit]

Furry 4 Life features several different components, including:

  • The ability to create your own page, similar to MySpace or MyFursona
  • An integrated chat room
  • An instant messaging feature
  • An events page, which lists upcoming conventions or meets
  • An image gallery
  • A video gallery of user-uploaded content, similar to YouTube
  • A forum
  • A Groups feature, in which users can join or create groups such as Music Furs, West Coast Furs, Furry Space Pirates, and more
  • A Gadgets page, which features games users can play
  • Open Social Applications that users can embed into their profile such as BuddyPoke allows users on a social network to customize a character and have it interact with other characters in the BuddyPoke world. The character users can customize has generic ear templates, fur textures and a variety of colors so that furs can customize one almost completely to look like their fursona.


  1. Future of Furry4Life and FurriesXtreme networks (includes Telegram, Discord and VRChat) - Shy Matsi (25 January 2024)

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