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Official Furry.FM Logo
Host(s) Various
Website https://furry.fm/
Update schedule Online
Launch date Jan 2015
Genre Music
Rating(s) Censor panda nyr button.png


Furry.FM was started in January 2015. It started with the radios first original show "Random Furry Talk" which was basically a Skype conference with random Furries who talked about random stuff from the fandom.

On March 2015 Furry.FM obtained the Music Broadcasting licence from SUISA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SUISA) which made Furry.FM an official Swiss Radio station. Therefore Furry.FM was able to broadcast music of every genre 24/7 worldwide.

On May 2015 the station published the Furry.FM Homepage and the 24/7 Musicstream started.

Furry.FM continued the "Random Furry Talk" and also started with interview Shows, special music shows, Game Talks, and much more until today.

Since August 2015 Furry.FM is working together with the South Afrifur Team. They are broadcasting every Sunday in English. It was also the start of international streaming for Furry.FM. Since then Furry.FM became more and more international. Furry.FM now has a mixed program in English and German.

Today Furry.FM is the only licenced Furry Webradio station playing music 24/7.


The Furry.FM Radio format is various from charts, oldies, indie, rock, new age etc. on the programming spectrum. The music program can be also edited by the listeners. The weekly music Program changes from week to week.

Active Shows[edit]

  • Furry.FM Talk - Random Furry Talk with the whole team. This was also the initial show from the radio.
  • Interview Shows - interview with a random guest, for example an artist or musician.
  • Furry.FM Gamers Life - furry gaming show with moderators playing awesome games.
  • Furry.FM Artstream - artstream with random guests
  • Furry Musicians Showcase WIP - showcase of Furry Musicians
  • Music Night Show - hosted music night shows with a mix of music requests by the audience and the best music from the moderators.
  • Live Shows at various places - e.g. live at conventions, dances etc.
  • Public Talk Shows - guest can join the show.
  • South Afrifur Show - English show hosted by the South Afrifur Team.



  • Bravura - Founder
  • Claudi Laylor - Community Administration
  • Ivic Wulfe - English Community Administration - South Afrifur


  • Scratch - English Moderator - South Afrifur
  • Doge - English Moderator - South Afrifur
  • Raven Song - Digital Artist
  • Galax Lion - Moderator
  • Norman - Moderator
  • DJ Kain Hawkins - Moderator / Sound Engineer
  • Seraja Hawkins - Moderator
  • Geenes Blackfur - Moderator / PR Management
  • Tabi - Digital Artist
  • Adion - Moderator
  • Backgroundgremlin - Moderator

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