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Furry-Muckity Muck is an article that originally appeared in The Netly News during 1996, written by Chris Stamper (which Pressed Fur opines may have been a furry, as he signs himself 'Wolfman').[1]. It focuses on the impact of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) on FurryMUCK and related MUCKs. This is largely through the story of the then-underage user Vulpine, who as a result of the CDA had his account frozen on FurryMUCK and was toaded on FurToonia.

The commentary on Pressed Fur adds further detail to the story:

"The story is pretty accurate, and as it indicates, Vulpine was removed for lying about his age after the CDA made it necessary for MUCKs to attempt to keep minors out of adult areas. What it doesn't note is that he not only frequented adult areas, he also ran one or two of his own, which compounded the problem...Vulpine has since soured on the fandom and often posts to furry items on Something Awful, billing himself as a 'reformed furry.'").[1]


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