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Furry! is a webcomic that was created by Quinn (art) and Graveyard Greg (writing) from 2004 to 2005. While the comic was restarted in continuity within 2004, the second iteration ("Furry! version 2.0") has not been updated since then.


Quinn and Pete are best friends who room together in a suburban house three miles from Havensburg; their next door neighbor, Manic, often comes into their house to notify them of strange happenings which occurred to him.

However, on a weekday morning during breakfast, a bright flash of lightning flashed in the sky, being seen by millions of people. Then strange occurrences begin: Pete outgrows his clothes and becomes an 8-foot "giant", Manic gains an automatic sense of danger, and Quinn shrinks to 12 inches in height.

Barely after the trio tries to adjust toward their newly-reformed situation, a minotaur named Brahma arrives to Quinn's house. After much apprehension, Brahma (who is even taller than Pete) explains that he comes from ancient Greece and was transported to the [comic's] present time, where humans are alleged to not exist. However, while Brahma sleeps after his journey to the house, his violent alter-ego, Gorgon, awakens and thrashes Pete; he then smashes Quinn's brother, Chaz (who had ridden to the house to pay a visit to Quinn), to death with a loose door, fights Hope (Manic's ex-girlfriend), and then snaps Brahma's neck in order to become more powerful and imposing in strength and destroy Quinn and Pete's house.

Hope, Manic, Pete and Quinn flee into hiding as the federal government places the city and surrounding areas under quarantine after the violent rampage of Gorgon ceases; the feds finally find Brahma lying comatose not far from Quinn's house. Meanwhile, the four regroup in order to devise their next move; they eventually move to a shuttered A-frame in the woods that is owned by Pete through his trust fund. Soon afterward, the four are hired by a government intelligence agency that makes use of those physically affected by the bright flash.


  • Quinn Joyce - a raccoon who lives in a suburb three miles away from the fictional city of Havensburg
  • Pete - a lion, best friend and roommate to Quinn, comes from a wealthy background but hates admitting such
  • Leslie Kirkman, aka Manic - a red fox, constantly paranoid and a comic relief to the comic. Hope leaves him prior to the comic's beginning because of her suspicion that he is gay, but reveals that she knows he cheated on her(not gay.
  • Hope - a cougar-dragon-sheep-snake hybrid, most looks like a chimera, Manic's ex-girlfriend and former adult film actress who worked with Zig Zag until the bright flash of light turned her into a hybrid, undercover girlfriend to Quinn

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Mach
  • Poink
  • Agent August
  • Brahma - a minotaur, comes from ancient Greece in a parallel reality, but inadvertently brings along Gorgon while sleeping
  • Gorgon - Brahma's violent alter-ego, kills Quinn's brother Chaz

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