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Furventure, previously known as Furrventure, was a furry transformation archive. It featured a library, a story adventure game, a gallery and a forum. The theme was transformation to furries or of furries.

Concept of the Library[edit]

The library was an archive of furry transformation stories.

Concept of the Adventure Game's Story[edit]

The main idea behind this type of literary game worked on the same principle as the "Choose Your Own Adventure" interactive text game, but with multiple authors collaborating on a continuing, non-linear direction or outcome of the story line

With Furventure, a user was given one short story (one episode) to read, followed by a series of choices on how the story should progress.

Sometimes the choice you clicked linked to a continuation of the story (another episode) some other author had written and you could resume reading the story. Sometimes nobody had written the episode you chose to read and you were given the choice to write the episode, becoming yourself an active author, your work becoming a part of the game.


  • 2002 : First version with www only pages
  • 2005 : Second version database driven
  • 2007 : Third version
  • 2010 : Final version, database rewrite optimized for performance
  • 2010 : Website down, no longer registered.

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