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Author(s) Owners: Dakcoon
    • Site Founder: Dakcoon
    • Admins: Dakcoon, Afevis, Draconis
Launch date April, 2008 - June 22, 2008
  • February 2, 2009 - December 12, 2011?
Genre Furry forum

Furrum was a furry forum with almost 400 users, including several self-described /b/tards.


The original forum was created and brought online by Dakcoon on April, 2008. As of December 12, 2011 (likely before this date as well) the site is no longer responding.

Forum raid[edit]

Beginning on June 12th, 2008, Furrum was raided by the Patriotic Nigras, a griefiers group on Second Life, and 4chan's /b/tards.[1]

It began with flooding of the forums, escaliting to "Denial-of-Service" attacks after a few days.

This eventually led to the site's web-host closing it down on June 22, due to the raid's high loads on the server, which started to affect other customers hosted alongside Furrum.[2]

The Patriotic Nigra wiki claims that Furrum was raided and DDoSed because of:

Their blatant acceptance for bestiality, diaperfaggotry and delusions of irl magical powers

In fact, there was only one thread about beastiality and diaperfurs which was quickly denounced by most members. Another stated reason was that:

A handful of Furrum furfags such as Afevis, KKMD and WarszawaScream were caught spamming 4chan with their furfaggotry in an attempt to advertise their forum

Site relaunch[edit]

Based on an e-mail sent at the time (June 2008) by the forum's web-host (and posted on the Furrum front page,) they were informed that they may reactivate Furrum in "a few days" if the raiding stops.[2] On June 28th, the front page was changed to state that they will "be back soon" and members should "stay tuned".

It was proposed that the site be merged into Yiffy International,[3] but this did not come to pass, and it would take several months (February 2, 2009) for Dakcoon and Afevis to reopened an older version of the site at http://www.furrum.net/

Rules and services[edit]

Regarding general rules, spam, bestiality media, copyrighted material and posting of NSFW artwork on the wrong forum is the norm. Additional rules are covered for each additional dedicated forums.


Dedicated areas along the forum include a drawboard, IRC and calendar. The forum is divided in the following sections:

  • General Furrum Chat - General discussion section (SFW)
  • Furrum Artstuffs - Artwork posting and discussion section (furry/non-furry, SFW)
    • Creative Writing (Subforum)
  • Fur-specific Forum - Furry-related discussion section (SFW)
    • Furcon and drama pit (subforum)
  • Technology HQ - General technology, science, computer, and consumer electronics discussion section (SFW)
  • Entertainment Furrum
  • Music forum - General music discussion section (SFW)
  • Movie and Television Show Discussion - General movie/cinema/television show discussion section (furry/non-furry, SFW)
    • Toons and Anime (subforum)
  • Games Games Games Games - General video game and PC game discussion section, and any other type of games (furry/non-furry, SFW)

-Registration required:

  • Yiff pit - Furry smut only art, stories, etc (NSFW)
    • Alternative media (subforum)
  • 4CHONS MOUNTAINS - 4chan.org's furries only (NSFW)


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