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Furries Against Bestiality (FAB) was created by Caveman Joe in January 2001. An apparent anti-furry fringe site, the notion was quickly dispelled by its creator as just being a joke on all the Pro/Con groups popping up around the fandom's ideals when questions of either its veracity, or how it could be improved upon started to arise.

According to its creator:

"I look around the Fandom, and I see splinter groups. I see splinter groups set up just to oppose splinter groups. I see groups whose principles are admirable, but whose conduct is questionable. And vice versa. What's with all the politics?. I look at the Burned Fur Manifesto and consider putting my site on their ring since I agree with it and would like to peacefully distance myself from some of the nastier connotations that come with "Furry", but then I see evidence of their terrible behaviour and elitism, and I decide against it."
"Why did things get so damn complicated?. I thought this whole "furry" scene was just supposed to be a bit of harmless fun. When did politics get involved?. I think this can be simplified a bit. FAB isn't a splinter group (...) it's just a little logo that you can put on your site, should you so wish. No WebRings, no politics, no sad, boring people sitting at their computers all day with nothing better to do than flame (...) simply a way to distance yourself from some of the suspicions that "Furry" brings forth. Simple as that."

The Furries Against Bestiality moniker was a take on Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia, a real ideological group, concerned, as Caveman Joe was, with the wrongful outside view their culture had. In Joe's case, he felt people were taking its message way out of context. The experiment quickly faded away from Furry view.

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