Furries & Dyresex

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Furries & Dyresex (Dyresex [Norwegian], meaning "animal sex"), is a April 2011 media article printed in Natt&Dag (Night and Day), also known as N&D, Natt og Dag', a Norwegian tabloid magazine.


Furries & Dyresex issue

Within the article, the Norwegian furry fandom was represented by two furries who were interviewed--one of whom posed nude for the cover image, wearing a cat fursuit head--with the implication in the article being that these two were speaking on the behalf of the entire Norwegian furry fandom.

The rest of the fandom had no knowledge of the interview until after the article was published.[citation needed]

The article grouped furries as a whole together with zoophiles and bestiality;[citation needed] individual furs were quoted/misquoted without their knowledge or permission, and copyrighted photos of fursuits were printed without the owners' knowledge or permission.[citation needed]

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