Furries! Furverts Yiffing in a Fur Pile!

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Furries! Furverts Yiffing in a Fur Pile! is the title of an article by Suzanne Kalinowski which was published in the February 2007 edition of f news, a monthly news magazine published by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The short article begins by describing furries as "people who have become in touch with their inner raccoon, panda, or fox", and the fandom as a "fetish with anthropomorphic animals".

The apparently higher-than-average incidence of homosexuality in furry fandom is noted. (A claim that 29% of furries are homosexual is attributed to a group called "The League of Furries". A Google search on February 14th, 2007, fails to turn up any evidence of such a group or the "census" which they allegedly took.)

The article continues with a description of the various activity at ConFurence, including costuming and art shows. It inaccurately states that "ConFURence" is "the biggest convention" (Anthrocon passed it in 2000) and "held every year in California" (not true since it disbanded in 2003).

"A Very Furry Glossary" defines such words as yiff, yiffy, yiffing, fur pile, spooge, and furvert.

The text is accompanied by several photographs of fursuiters taken at Midwest FurFest.

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