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FurreFace logo

FurreFace was a Furry/Furre online community with similar functionality and goals to the social networking website Facebook. It was created by NiteMyste, and was a part of the undead Afflictions Group.

Functions and services[edit]

FurreFace provided in art gallery, blogs, live chat, a classified section, poll services, and a groups' forum. It was intended as a means for members to share ideas and inspiration, get feedback on furry issues and conventions, and showcase their art, both visual and textual.

Though founded by furcadians, FurreFace did not have any official connection with Furcadia or any other furry community.

Software and hosting[edit]

FurreFace was based on the phpFoX platform with customizations. The monthly licensing fees (along with server costs) were cited as a reason for the closure of the site.[1]


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