Furrabian Nights (Furcadia)

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Furrabian Nights (commonly FurN) is a main map in Furcadia. A gathering place for almost exclusively erotic-themed dreams, this map is rated R, although the dreams inside it frequently exceed an R rating. The dreams cater to any fetish imaginable, although BDSM themed dreams are most common.

Popular Hangouts[edit]

FurN has multiple popular Hangouts, the main ones being The Idle Pit, Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool, FurN Cafe, the FurN fires and the Road block.

Furrabian Nights Cafe[edit]


One of the original Hangout spots of FurN, the Cafe has recently been experiencing a resurgence of popularity among those who frequent FurN. This open-air cafe located not far from FurN's entry point is a popular place for basic tavern roleplay and for friends to meet up before visiting the multitude of clubs littering FurN.

The Fires[edit]


Located south of the Cafe not far off the main road of FurN is Furrabia's iconic Fires. The Fires, as they area is affectionately known (that house the Pits - the inhabitants), began as a popular dream hotspot but as time wore on it became more of a place for friends to gather and chat out of character. Generally, those who hang around the fires are close-knit and, as a consequence, unintroduced new furres generally end up hanging out elsewhere.

The Idle Pit[edit]


In the upper northwest corner of the map located between the FurN Cafe and the Massage Parlor is a large empty space. Those who spend too much time without doing anything at all in FurN are teleported to the Idle Pit in order to make the rest of the map easier to transverse for everyone. Strangely, people have begun to collect in the Idle Pit as a place to talk while they await their friends to return from idle status, hoping that they will be able to jump back in on the conversation as the entire conversation will have been logged on their friend's computer as well!

The Roadblock[edit]


Also known as "the bridge", the Roadblock is the section of the road crossing over water directly on the road leading from the entry point of FurN to Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool. The blocks along the side of the road are sittable and frequently there are several people relaxing there. In its heyday, The Roadblock often became so littered with people talking that nobody could cross the bridge, thus giving it its name. To solve this problem, Dragon's Eye Productions made the river walkable and added the sitting stones beside the bridge.

Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool[edit]


Felorin's Truth or Dare Pool, commonly called the TorD pool, used to be the most popular hangout in FurN, and though it has waned in popularity a little, people stil gather there. Most commonly you find loosely-knit friends randomly chattering by the TorD pool, though occasionally games of Truth or Dare will begin. Due to this casual atmosphere, new furres are usually welcome at the TorD pool.

Common House Rules[edit]

Unlike the rest of FurN, the TorD pool has a few unwritten house rules. Those who break these rules are commonly frowned upon.

  • Never swim in the pool

A common joke is that nobody should ever swim in the pool... nobody knows when the pool was cleaned last or who or what was doing who or what before you climbed in! A common gag involving this joke involves items that have gone missing in Furcadia or in the player's real life some time ago suddenly "turning up" in the pool's filter trap.

People still go swimming and do all sorts of things in the pool anyhow.

  • No Dreams by the pool's edge

This is the only area in FurN that never has dreams in its walkways. Dreams may be placed around the edges of the room or between the seats but never are by the water's edge.

  • No more than 3 limits during Truth or Dare

A limit is something someone will not say or do. Common examples include "No Out Of Character questions about me" or "Don't make me do anything that would cause me to cheat on my mate". Having more than 3 limits will cause you to be laughed out of the pool as a "wuss".

  • If you're not in the game, back away from the pool!

When a game of Truth or Dare is going on, it is customary to only sit next to the pool if you are playing. Otherwise, you should sit in the second row of seats just past the grey and purple walkway.

Popular Clubs[edit]

FurN is most notorious for its clubs. Alhough most have a bondage theme, other popular themes include vampires, werewolves, brothels, taverns, and schools. At any given time there are over 100 dreams uploaded in FurN.

The following is a short list of some of the more well-known club dreams: