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Furnation logo3.gif
Author(s) Owners: Bert
  • Site Founder: Bert
    • Moderators: Bert, StormWind, ReNaR, Kivuli, Selker, Lozi, Namiri, Queneex, Lionstas, Rom R. d. Orphen Sirius.
Launch date 26 August 2006 - Present
End date Ongoing
Genre Multimedia archive

Furnation.ru (Фурнейшен.ру‎, or FN for short) is the biggest online gallery in Russian furry fandom. It was created by Bert in 2006 specifically for Russian-speaking users. It accepts furry-themed art, music, fiction and poetry. The Furnation.ru is built on principles of Web 2.0, such as AJAX and social networking. Users can collect favorites, vote and comment, track blogs and new artwork and so on. There's a PDA version optimized for mobile devices.

Users are sorted by quality of their works. Ranking is managed by moderators. There are separate ladders for each type of work.

  • The starting rank is "Amateur". Their works don't appear in the main feed. Amateurs are limited by 3 uploads per day and picture size up to 1024*1024.
  • Second rank is "Regular". Regulars' works appear in the main feed. This rank's limitation is 6 uploads per day and picture size up to 1600*1600.
  • The final rank is "Master". They have no limitations and are even allowed to upload non-furry art.

Furnation has own Jabber server called FurTalk. It uses the same accounts as the website. The contact list of each account has all friends from the website.

Furnation.ru is constantly updated with new features.


The main idea of Furnation was a Russian analogue of Fur Affinity. The idea came to Stormwind one winter morning, at 11 Jan 2006, around the time when y!Gallery forbid the publication of furry art. The first design concept of Furnation was a y!Gallery-like functionality.

"Furnation.ru" domain name was registered on 29 March 2006, and work on custom engine had begun. Some days later Bert posted an announcement at the Fur Affinity journal[1]. He also hosted the mint new website on its Grand Opening on 26 August 2006. First registrations soon followed.

On 19 Jan 2009, Furnation.ru introduced the user ranking system.

On 24 Jan 2009, website's team launched FurTalk Jabber server.


To register, the user must enter a secret keyword hidden in the rules text. It is impossible to find automatically and requires thorough reading, as well as an understanding of the Russian language.


The Furnation engine utilized 25,000 lines of PHP code and 4000 lines of JavaScript code.

For Ferbuary 2009, Furnation has:

  • 21 thousand artworks
  • 2000 users who left over 290 thousand comments.
  • 3500 journals

FurNation has 10000 visitors daily.[2]

From the launch and to the present day, FurNation had over 21 millions hits.[3]

The server was upgraded in June 2007. Its current configuration:

2 x AMD64 Opteron 2.4 GHz, 8 GB DDR2 RAM, 3 x 320 GB SATA raid-5, 100 Mbit, FreeBSD


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