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This is Furnace's fursuit, made by Beastcub. Photo Eurofurence 18

Furnace, also known as FurnaceDragon (born January 26, 1985),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in France.[1] His fursona is an indigo-blue spotted dragon with a long back crest .

Furnace owns two fursuits, both depicting his fursona. Version one was constructed by Penpen,[2] and version two was built by Beastcub.[3]

He was the president of the Anthrofur, a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901. It provides a legal status and frame at his organisation like Furry BlackLight and other meeting where it is not allowed for its board to receive any salary out of its activity.

Furry BlackLight[edit]

Furnace is the founder and was the chairman of Furry BlackLight and has organized Furry BlackLight 1 to 11


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