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Furmont was a web based furry community owned and operated by Monoceros and HKR, opened in February 2006. The community attempted to court more mature furries who wanted a different environment free from teenage angst and other difficulties on other forums to discuss material that might not be open for discussion elsewhere. According to the forum's somewhat satirical Terms of Service, we do care about having members who are sane, intelligent, and generally cool and interesting people.

  • Address: http://www.furmont.net/forums/ (Cybersquatted. Cybersquatter registered domain on 2008 March 31[1]

Originally slow to develop, Furmont's forums had 141 members as of September 17, 2006. Much of its community were members and ex-members of the Furtopia forums.

The forums[edit]

The forum consisted of three separate sections to cover general furry discussion, adult furry discussion, and non-furry discussions.

Four forums existed for furry discussion: Fur Talk, Furry Art, Furry Writing, and Fursuiting, intended to cover generic furry discussion and the three primary furry media respectively.

The off-topic General Gaming and General Chat forums covered video game discussions (to the exclusion of console wars) and any miscellaneous topics respectively. Separate Adult Furry Art and Adult Furry Writing forums also existed, though you had to be 18 or older (as indicated by your date of birth upon registration) to view them.

Furmont's forums were powered by vBulletin. Monoceros, HKR, and Talyescyn held the administrator positions.


The #furmont IRC channel was on the FurNet IRC network.


Furmont's owners were victims of an accidental mass overcharge by their web host, Dreamhost, in early 2008. Though the charge was quickly annulled, they decided to terminate their webhosting contract in protest.


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